Department of Whole Vehicle Engineering - Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering

Vehicle acoustics

Course summary:

The goal of the subject is to introduce and detail the various topics, central problems and mechanical challenges of vehicle acoustics, as well as explain the modern experimental and simulational methods used in the vehicle engineering practice.

Topics discussed:

  • Introduction to the basics of NVH, acoustics, vibrations and vehicle comfort
  • Acoustics and sound propagation
  • Mathematical description of sound propagation
  • Superposition of waves, time- and frequency domains, Fourier's Theorem
  • Sound perception, psychoacoustics, noise level
  • Vibrational and acoustics modes
  • Forced vibration, transfer functions, complex description
  • Numerical methods: FEM, BEM, I-FEM, PML, AML, Ray-Tracing, SEA, MBS, acoustical applications of CFD-Simulation, 1-D acoustical simulation, TMM
  • Whole-vehicle acoustics: structural vibration and airborne noises, transfer path analysis, ODS analysis, interior acoustics
  • Practical applications of numerical methods: acoustical development of engine-, gearbox-, exhaust systems and interior
  • Measurement techniques

Course administrator - Dr. T. Jakubík - SZE
Instructors - Dr. B. Vehovszky - SZE
T. F. Varga, K. Slenczka – AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft.