Department of Whole Vehicle Engineering - Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering

Sustainable quality management

Course summary:

Classical Quality Assurance focuses only on what a company has to realize to reach product specifications defined by technical standards, legal requirements and customer expectations. By that quality is defined only in a formal and narrow perspective. Discussions will review perspectives beyond this course.

Topics discussed:

  • Expectations, Challenges and Benefits of Sustainable Quality management System
  • Meaning of sustainable quality to a company's business
  • Company responsibilities as producer and service provider
  • Instruments and tools of product- and service quality improvement
  • "Corporate Social Responsibility" in the framework of company operational practice
  • Advantages and disadvantages of quality instrument- and tool implementation with company examples: Quality Function Deployment, Design of Experiments, Six Sigma, FMEA, FTA, Poka Yoke or Brainstorming
  • Elements and structure of a Sustainable Quality Management System
  • Integration of Risk- and Knowledge Management
  • Requirements of an efficient and effective management


Course administrator - Dr. T. Jakubík - SZE
Instructor - Dr. A. Hardtke - Dr. Hardtke Unternehmensberatung GmbH.