Department of Whole Vehicle Engineering - Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering

Core elements of whole vehicle engineering

Course summary:

This subject offers students an overview of the areas of whole vehicle development, its most important questions, and its mechanical challenges. Furthermore it gives a deeper insight into the simulation and testing methods of modern whole vehicle engineering, as well as covering the applied basics of vehicle physics, mathematics and measurement techniques.

Topics discussed:

  • Introduction to the basic elements of vehicle engineering
  • Development of whole vehicle features and characteristics
  • Energy management (laws and restrictions, CO2-fleet management, drivetrain energy balance/efficiency, simulation-, experimental- and measurement methods)
  • Flow- and temperature analysis, basics of vehicle flow (exterior flow, engine-bay flow), mechanisms of heat- and material transfer in a vehicle
  • Whole vehicle acoustics: transfer forms, basics of vibration analysis of body- and air noises
  • Vehicle structural stiffnes (stiffnes simulation and lifecycle computations, experimental and inspection techniques)
  • Environment and product: lifecycle analysis and recycling

Course administrator - Dr. T. Jakubík - SZE
Lectures - Dr. T. Jakubík - SZE
Dr. M. Schuster, T. Pitour, T. F. Varga, Dr. A. Dörnhöfer - AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft.
U. Heil, S. Forster - AUDI AG